And so it begins…

Thanks for visiting my new blog for The Happy Landfill,

Allow me to take a minute and describe what can be found at the Landfill.  It’s my streaming radio show that plays every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm  on the KRUI website in The Lab (Link to the right).  Thats just the physical aspect…

The Happy Landfill is a haven for all kinds of music, from funk to rock, hip hop to classical.  I suppose one could call it an orphanage of sound and color, where you never know what song comes next.  It stems from my philosophy, to truly appreciate music one needs to open themselves up to it all, to intake it as a whole and spit out the bits and pieces you don’t like.

Me, I’m in love with hip hop and techno, but there do come times when I just need my classic rock.  It’s a moody place for my many moody musical moods. 

At the same time, Its a place for current events.  Being a journalism major, I take in the the media every day.  The Happy Landfill allows me to rant about the world, its politics, and whatever I feel. 

But there comes times when the randomn occurs, when guests arrive with their own music, or old time radio shows are played.

To put it simply, The Happy Landfill is everything.


Jacob Lane


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