Purpose Pt.1

Standing outside, with winds whipping my feet and hair, I am reminded of  a story, of which this is the first part.

You see, there was this little piece of red stretchy plastic laying in pile of other beings like itself.  It had been there for a awhile, deep in this dark solitary confinement.  Of course, with a vast amount of quite time, a vast amount of loud thoughts had come to the piece.

Where was it?  Why was the world so dark?  And could life exist outside its walls?

But this was rather troubling, you see, for one thought in particular continued to permeate its being during its time in the pile.  What was it’s purpose?  It could hear great and wonderful things outside of its box, smell deep fragrances, and feel the earth shake every night, but it only laid there.  Why did it even exist?

One certain day a giant hand reached into the box.  This had occurred so many times before, but our little plastic piece had always been thrown to the side, watching its brethren get lifted beyond the borders.  But not today.

As the fingers descended to its depths, the piece felt them rummage around, throwing its brothers and sisters to and fro.  A second past, and the fingers had landed on it.

If it could cry, I suppose it would have with joy.  But it could not, because as it ascended bright flashing light engulfed it with tenacious violence.  All the sounds it heard before erupted, and the smells doubled their weight.

In its blindness, It felt itself being pulled apart and snapped together by the giant hand.  At first it hurt, but soon the piece felt elongated and without pain.

Then came a noise, like that of a snake, with its hissing tung slithering in the wind.  As the piece began to adapt to the light, it realized a tube had been jabbed into it.  This tube was making that loud noise.

It also realized it had doubled in size!

Then it tripled!

Then it quadrupled!

Then it dupled twice in a row!

Until it was large and full of air, like a ballon.  Of course, by then, the piece realized it was a balloon!  A red one fact!

It was so excited to see the earth, to feel feelings unimaginable.  The giant hand from before was connected to a man.  At least that’s what the ballon thought.  This man was rather large and colorful, with giant hair and massive shoes.  He laughed a lot to, in such a goofy way.

The man grabbed the balloons end and twisted it, tied on a string, and let it snap into place.  He then let the ballon go.

At first it was scared as it ascended into the sky.  You must remember it had spent every moment of its life before in a box.  But soon it stopped, middair.  It realized that the string was keeping it from soaring away.  It was then the balloon really gazed into the sky.

Everything was so beautiful.  So massive.  So full of life. So absent, but completety there at the same time.  The balloon was overjyed.

It realized its purpose, to be high up.  To look over everything.  The balloon was to govern the air in all it’s red glory!

At that moment the colorful man handed the balloons string to a young girl.  She smiled with most of her teeth and laughed.  The ballon felt the tug, understanding it was now in her possession.

“Now you must be careful,” he said, “Don’t let it pop!  Be sure to avoid low hanging branches, and never let go of it.”

“Yes yes!” She replied and bowed (some little girls still do this).  Then she darted off.

The world rushed by the balloon, mixing into a rainbow of sight and sound.  It saw giant vehicles, red stop signs, tall buildings, sidewalks, other little girls, fences, light posts, hot dog vendors, rivers, birds, and so many other things I cannot type them all!

Such an ecstatic feeling it had, it wished to be so much higher!

Unfortunately, even though this little girl was of the bowing sort, she was not of the listening sort and she rushed towards a grove of trees.

The ballon yelled for her stop, but she wouldn’t (Have you ever hear a balloon yell? Even speak?)

She plowed through the trees and the ballon felt itself being jammed with a stick.  It sputtered all over, left and right. Right and left.  Up and down. Down and up.  It seemed like the end was near for our little balloon…

But something rather extraordinary happened!

Stay tuned!

Jacob Lane

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