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The Roots…Rocked

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 10, 2011 by Jacob Lane

Last night, in the IMU, the Roots stole my mind, ears, and voice.

Pictures courtesy of The Daily Iowan

There are few groups of this caliber, with the ability to start and stop with such precision, they could be mistaken for a metranome.

The night started at 8pm with Dj Ice Cold, The Roots to take the stage at 9pm. Being under the illusion that Ice Cold was the “header,” a.k.a someone to give a preperformance before the main act, I was excited to arrive at 8pm to take it all in.

Dj Ice Cold sucked.

Essentially, he was a glorified I-tunes playlist with a cool hat and dj set up. He played through the best in hip hop songs, I’ll give him that, but he barely let the songs begin before he started the next one. At the same time, some other obnoxious performer consistently stuck his mic into the crow and insisted we respond to every little thing he said.

Luckily the Roots blasted onstage at 9pm, because I was about ready to blast out of there.

Their presence was loud, definating in fact. If their was a god of hip hop, the Roots slayed him last night. The first peice consisted of stops and starts, each one having the members freeze in place, then smashing back into the songs at the same time. Perfect precision on their part.

Gradually the music continued, flowing into various songs, until we found ourselves locked into a 10 minute drum battle between ?uestlove (yes, thats quest-love) and F. Knuckles, the former rocking the drum set while the latter mastered the bongos and such. They drilled back and forth until uniting in the middle in mind blowing proportions.

The rest of the group reunited and swept the stage once again. Another highlight came a little later, when “Captain” Kirk Douglas hammered out a guitar solo that traveled around the world. He sampled “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Bad to the Bone,” before erupting into monstrosity. It ended with him raising the guitar in the air while still playing. All the while his singing was absolutely superb.

Of course we received solos from Tubaist Damon “Tuba Gooding Jr.” Bryson, pianist James “Kamal” Gray and bassist and Owen Biddle. The Tuba possessed incredibale energy, but the next two solos were so and so. (I swear Owen was high, he just wasn’t “all there” you know)

When the final song came, the crowd cheered continuosly until the Roots jumped back out for an epic encore. They had thoroughly earned it.

Iv’e been to other concerts. The Gorillaz┬ávisit in Chicago will always be in my heart, but the Roots performance was the Gold Standard. Their pure mastery of their instruments and stopping and starting was truly inspiratioanl.

Thank you guys for coming out to the midwest, we truly appreciate it.

And thank you Scope for putting it together.

Keep it real,

Jacob Lane